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Owners Gaetano and Linda Binanti have been proud owners of Binanti’s for 24 years. Taste of Italy is the very definition of a family business with, both, daughter and son, Alexandria and Christopher, working to provide the quality of service that Mom and Dad expect. You can even see our new addition; baby granddaughter Mia Angelina greeting customers with a wave and grin while eating pasta sometimes!

Chef Gaetano has been cooking for over forty years where he has honed his cooking skills from his own mother in Sicily, and trained in Milan from an early age. After coming to the United States he worked with many chefs in the Chicago area, owning pizza places with family over the years, eventually meeting Linda in no other place than an Italian restaurant in Chicago.

Authentic Tradition

Linda, originally a costume designer working in various Chicago theatres, also had valuable experience working in the restaurant industry. Her passion for good food and good company introduced her to Gaetano and kept her working in cuisine and hospitality ever since. Working in dining management and having an entrepreneurial spirit, Linda aspired to own her own business.

Together Chef Gaetano and Linda moved to a quieter life in Wisconsin, in hopes of creating a restaurant of their own. With a lot of effort and enthusiasm, both Gaetano and Linda were able to open their doors in 1996. However, the Taste of Italy we know now is far from the place it started as over 20 years ago. Originally the building looked like a casual deli and pizza joint, with just three tables to sit, but within two years time, the outpour of customers seeking Gaetano’s homemade specialties caused the need for expansion, even turning the one-time playroom for Alexandria and Christopher into a private dining area.

As time passes, Binanti’s Taste of Italy in Silver Lake has been ever evolving, forming friendships with our loyal customers and staff, witnessing proposals, weddings, and meeting their new families as they come in to dine or even just catch up. We’ve sponsored school lunch programs, sports teams, and donated to many charities. We continue to grow in culinary training, and we’ve expanded our business in many ways.

Now, decades later, you can still experience the family-like intimacy that Linda and Gaetano originally created, but with a refined taste for exquisite food and an appreciation for the blessings that Binanti’s Taste of Italy have been. We now have come into an economic downturn, but we face it with a steady resilience to changing the integrity of our business, which is truly part of our heart and soul, and will be for at least another 15 years.

Stop in and tantalize your senses

From the moment you step inside our doors, your senses come alive with the scent of fresh-baked bread and simmering sauces.

Come experience the tradition of Binanti's Taste of Italy. 

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101 S. 2nd St.
Silver Lake, WI


Wed through Sun: 4pm - 8pm
Closed Mon & Tues

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